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Windings of the Moy Book

The Windings of the Moy Revisited is a photographic coffee table book produced by Pat McCarrick, photographer and owner here at the B&B. The author of the original Windings of the Moy (1923) was Rev. James Greer. This new book however is principally a book of photographs; inspired and carried along by Greer’s original text. […]

My Ireland Tour

It is great to see people doing their bit for tourism and attracting people to come and enjoy Ireland… and the North West. James, at the My Ireland Tour website, was in contact with us about his particular efforts.  James says, “Over the past year, we have been building a Travel Guide of Ireland. It […]

Landscape and Portraits

It can be fun to combine being a B&B owner and being a photographer. Photography has proved useful in promoting our accommodation business. Right from the start I had planned to use the best images I could create to promote the business; whither on our website, on other booking platfoms or on social media. I […]

Western Skies

The artist, Paul Henry, made the skies here in the west of Ireland famous. From Achill Island, he showed our skies as a curiosity for outsiders and a source of pride for those of us who live here. Despite our less than perfect climate, the skies are a compensation. In the 1920s and 1930s Henry […]

House Concert for Sr. Cait

Aug 20th 2018 – It would seem there is little connection between the foothill of the Ox Mountains and the foothills of the high Andes, but there one. Sr Cait Wims, a native of Coolaney, currently works as a missionary in Mache in Peru. The landscape around Mache, while five times higher than the highest […]

Chicken Feed

Chickens are fun, colourful and productive and who wouldn’t want them… and they are among our best attractions here at Moy River B&B. Many people have booked to stay with us just because of the gals! Here in Ireland we call them hens, not chucks or chickens or eggers, just hens! Whatever you call them […]

Nebraska to Cloonacool

Recently I watched the movie, Nebraska. It’s a great movie on many levels; it’s a nice father and son, road trip story better than most but what makes it stand apart is that it is filmed in black and white. You can watch this movie with the sound off and photographically, its stunning! It inspired […]

A Nice Review

Now and again things just happen – nice things and this review we received recently is one of those… nice things. Alana and Chris arrived to us from LA… on their honeymoon! Both people are in the health & fitness business back in the States.  They have a nice website that explains a bit about […]

House Concerts

Moy River Folk Club is a performance space at Moy River B&B. We host House Concerts from time to time, offering audience a close-up and intimate experience with local, national and international artists. Our kitchen and living room space holds about 45 people. It’s too good a space not to use. It was designed for […]

Our Garden Birds

We do our best to make our garden as nice a place as possible for garden birds. Their colour and character add so much to our surroundings here at Moy River. We had a service man call to us on some business a few years ago and before he left told us very excitedly about […]