Chicken Feed

Chickens are fun, colourful and productive and who wouldn’t want them… and they are among our best attractions here at Moy River B&B. Many people have booked to stay with us just because of the gals!

Here in Ireland we call them hens, not chucks or chickens or eggers, just hens! Whatever you call them they are the easiest stock you can keep and of course they give so much in return for the little it takes to keep them; bed and breakfast! If a hen has a dry place to roost, is safe from the fox and has enough to eat, she will do the rest.

We have nine hens and a rooster. We get eggs most months of the year and in summers we always have one or two hens who settle into the work of raising a family. The chickens, the babies or the ‘little biddies’ are so cute in the summer and within six months are mature enough to start laying and become the replacements for the next year.

The old-fashioned breeds have all the style, size, shape and colour. They are not such great layers but are homely and usually fit right in. The modern hybrids are great layers but tend to look plain. Luckily, some cool cat somewhere came up with the idea of hybrids that look old-fashioned! These birds have all kinds of fancy names like Bluebells and Blackrocks but they look lovely and lay like the clappers. These are the type we have a present. Our new crop will be a mixture of these hens and a local ‘country boy’ rooster that we got from a neighbour.

The upshot of the ruction is that we have the eggs for our breakfasts – pancakes, scrambled egg & smoked salmon or sunny side up; there is no limit as to what you can do with the humble egg! No two eggs are the same shape or size or colour and some even have two yokes. All of this just adds to the variety and the comical nature of keeping your very own flock of hens. Hon the girls!