FAIRTRADE at Moy River

From Ghana to Cloonacool – Adam Pampuri visits Tubbercurry to promote FAIRTRADE products.

Adam is a cashew nut farmer from Ghana in West Africa. He is not just a farmer however but also a world ambassador for the FAIRTRADE organisation. He toured Ireland recently thanking retailers and their customers alike for their respective promotion and use of FAIRTRADE products. Many items such as tea, coffee and bananas are commonly found in most major retailers. Our local town, Tubbercurry, is a FAIRTRADE town.

Us and Adam

Adam is a talented speaker and is certainly the man for the job when it come to telling the FAIRTRADE story. Moy River B&B was well impressed and so from now on we will be using only FAIRTRADE tea and coffer for our guests. We will also be using any other items the we regularly consume and that are available under the FAIRTRADE label.