Flags of the World

We feel there is something quite spectacular about a flag; national pride, a sense of occasion, celebration or in our case, a welcome for the weary traveler.

29-DSC_5079When we started Moy River B&B back in 2014, we put our sign at end of our drive and it helped to highlight our entrance. It was however just on one side and the other side looked a bit lonesome, without colour. We had the idea to raise our own national flag and so we started with one flagpole. We then had the idea to start a collection of flags, to welcome our guests and so followed two more flagpoles. Since then we have built quite a collection of flags and use them every day to welcome our guests from all over the globe.

1-DSC_1341By now we have almost 30 different flag to fly as occasions or visitors demand. Some have even been replaced, our German flag gets more use than any other followed by the French tricolour, and so our Irish weather has taken its toll on the bright colours. By now we even have guests that send us their national flag on their return home if we didn’t have it for them on arrival. We will then have it for the next guest that arrives from The Netherlands or Scotland. If we have family or friends going abroad to exotic climes, we always include a flag request.

2-DSC_1092We now have family connections of our own in France and Canada and so this winter during the quiet midweeks, those two flags will fly and will serve yet another purpose. This one for ourselves – reminding us of loved ones far away from home.

Thankfully, we have plenty of wind here in Ireland to show all flags at their very best!