New Year 2016

Best Wishes for New Year

At this time of new beginnings, we just want to wish all our guests, friends and supporters every good wish for the year ahead. We may see some of you again in 2016, we may not. We might get to meet your friends or relations or who knows what will happen!

We are all set for the year ahead and are really looking forward to meeting new people from new places. Just to leave you with this little poem and the thought – can gentle spring be far away?

Pat & Rita – Moy River 1st Jan 2016.



Winter, a sharp bitter day
the robin turns plump against the cold
the sun is week silver faded from gold
he is late in his coming and short in his stay. 

Man, beast, bird and air
all purging, all cleansing
earth already purified awaits the rite of spring
her bridal gown a virgin snow and frosts in her hair.

 A snowdrop by the road today
bowed gracefully and high upon the wing
up in the sparkling nothingness a lone bird began to sing
can gentle spring be far away?

– Tommy Makem