One Year On

This November, Moy River B&B has been one year in business. It has been an experience filled with excitement, new friends and great memories. All in all, it has been a very rewarding twelve months.

1-DSC_0271We had a few ideas starting off as to what we might like to achieve and how we would like to run our new business but the one thing we did not know was if guests would ever choose to stay. While we make a virtue of the fact we are in a quiet location and slightly off the beaten path, we started in hope rather than confidence.

Boy were we rewarded! Our first bookings came right away and our first official guests arrived in 1st January. We were anxious for sure; everything was new. The guests were new, the business was new and our approach  was new and it was New Year’s day! This was the review from that first visit:

“I very seldom give so much attention to a review, but this B&B was just exceptional. It’s spacious yet cosy, modern yet quaint, and situated in a beautiful part of Ireland. Pat and his wife were attentive in every way possible, helping us plan our journey for the following day. I can’t fault our room, it was private, quiet, very comfortable, and well heated at the height of winter.” Josh, Dublin.

That compliment and the reaction of other guests and the reviews that followed gave us confidence. As the weeks and months passed the pages  in the red diary began to fill. The highlight of the year was our participation in the new UTV Ireland B&B Road Trip TV show featuring singer, Daniel O’Donnell and his lovely wife, Majella. 1-DSC_1118

We thought as autumn arrived that things might ease off and they did but not completely. As I write on November 17th we are after a busy weekend and we have bookings into December with more for early 2016. This review came to us in August and it is one of our favourites from the past year. A special word of thanks to everyone who helped and supported our new venture.

1-DSC_0567“The most wonderful B&B I’ve ever stayed in, by a very long way. The warmest welcome I’ve ever had at any accommodation I’ve stayed in anywhere. Delightful, peaceful, relaxing surroundings, gloriously comfortable bed, and an absolutely superb breakfast of smoked salmon, eggs cooked to perfection and laid by the very chickens that were clucking around outside, excellent coffee, and delicious home-baked bread. There were lots of other great things about staying here but I’ll let you discover them for yourself. Everything was perfect and I departed feeling restored and very happy. I’m hoping to go and stay there again soon.” David, UK.