Recommendations & Awards

Awarded the Magic Stickers!

We were delighted at the end of 2015 to get notice from TripAdvisor that because of our consistent quality reviews they would be including us on their Recommended list!

Needless to say, after just a year in business, we were delighted with the accolade. It’s a simple process really; the reviews build and eventually you get the email!

1-DSC_2317A Recommended by TripAdvisor sticker is now up there beside our door bell to welcome all who arrive. This recommendation was followed soon afterwards with a Guest Review Award from our friends in; “We’re trilled to see that your guests have acknowledged your hard work by giving you a review score worthy of a Guest Review Award. Your reward is a symbol of excellence”

Just now it’s mid February and there are signs of spring everywhere. Our Irish climate gives us so many changes each year; everything from dark winter landscapes to the long cool days of June to the golden crunch of autumn. Our B&B friends, old and new as well as those we have yet to discover, are always welcome to come to enjoy the seasons at Moy River in Cloonacool, Co Sligo!


A very special word of thanks to all those who came to stay and took the time to give us such great reviews; this is your award as well!